Update: the knowledge base has been moved and is now available on Lumeer's website. Please visit Table settings to access the most recent version.

Anything that has a dotted underline in Lumeer can be directly edited. This includes collection names at the home screen. 

You can of course change the icon and color as well and many more by clicking on the cog icon. 

Again anything with the dotted underline can be edited including the icon and its color in this case. 

You can set a description with any notes like instructions on what data the individual attributes contain. Following is a list of attributes (remember these are similar to columns in a table), their usage count (how many documents, i.e. rows, have some value in this attribute). This is useful to see if there aren’t any missing data.

You can also set the displayed attribute - its value is used to represent the document throughout Lumeer whenever an abbreviation is needed.